Flexo printing Machine(4color)

Flexo printing Machine (4color)

FPM is used for printing both paper and plastic materials, such as BOPP,PET,CPP and similar lamination materials etc.. It adopts PLC control and meter counter and also vector motor to control each printing unit tension.


1 Model QTL4600 QTL4800 QTL41000 QTL41200
2 Max.width of material 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
3 Max. width of Printing 560mm 760mm 960mm 1160mm
4 Material Non-woven fabric: 15-120g, paper: 15-350g/m2, Woven Fabric Material;
15-500g/m2, PVC:15-120um, OPP:10-100um, BOPP:10-100um,
PE:10-150um, NY:15-120um, PET:10-100um, CPP: 15-100um
5 Printing color 4+0, 3+1, 2+2
6 Length of printing 220-1200mm
7 Max. Mechanical Speed 100m/min
8 Max. speed of material Printing 70-80m/min
9 Constitution of printing Rubber roller, metal anilox roller, printing cylinder
10 Principle of work Helical Gears + belt drive
11 Overprint precision(mm) + 0.25mm
12 Thickness of plate 1.7/2.28mm
13 Machine weight 2000kgs 3300kgs 3900kgs 4400kgs
14 Main motor power 3kw
15 Total power 12kw 12kw 14kw 14kw
16 Machine dimension(LxWxH) 4.8mx1.6mx2.3m 4.8mx1.8mx2.3m 4.8mx2.0mx2.3m 4.8mx2.2mx2.3m
17 Voltage 380V, 3PH, 50/60HZ